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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 2, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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scores big in the wall street debut. what about the longhaul? complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. itself friday march 2nd, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. we are following a line of damaging storms, powering across the midwest and the south right now. these storms stretch from the great lakes to the gulf state. they spawned a series of destructive tornadoes and already tonight more than a dozen people are dead and in three states. let's get the latest from sandra endo live in nationalville, tennessee. -- nashville, tennessee. >> >> reporter: we are talking about the second round of
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deadly tornadoes. >> scenes like this in henryville, indiana blanket parts of the country's midsection. dozens of them going through communities, leveling homes, schools, anything in their paths. at times there were more than 20 active tornado warnings across multiple states. >> it is just nuts right here. people's lives are in danger here with the rotating storms and tornadoes coming down. >> reporter: the fury unleashed early. starting in alabama. ripping off roofs and snapping power lines. as the day rolled on so did the storms, gaining in intensity. from indiana to kentucky and ohio, watches turned to warnings and people took cover. storms brought heavy rain, golf ball sized hail and winds. there are multiple reports of twisters touching down and extensive damage. >> this is an enormous outbreak in kentucky and across the midsouth. >> reporter: hamilton county,
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tennessee, dozens of injuries are reported. the storms sheered trees and ripped through buildings. one man returned to find his home of 30 years reduced to a pile of rubble. >> this is real life stuff here. >> reporter: now it is a race to clear blocked roads to emergency vehicles can get to the people that need help. >> we are working at this hour to try to make sure that everyone is accounted for. >> reporter: in harrisburg, illinois, beaten down from the ef-4 twister that went through days ago residents can only hope that they will be spared a second blow. now, the good news is the severe weather is expected to be over by tomorrow morning. then the cleanup and recovery efforts will begin. >> you can go to we stream live images from the bay area and around the nation. now, san francisco, a man made flood hit one of the city's most popular tourist attractions today. take a look at this home video.
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taken by a tourist from iowa while visits lombart street. it looks like a slip and slide. a car hit a fire hydrant at 12:30 after the driver swerved to avoid someone taking a picture. the fire department arrived to find the car on top of the hydrant. >> the shut off was under the car also. we had to get the car off to shut it down. that was pretty difficult. >> a couple of residents say some of the water got into their homes. firecrews replaced the hydrant and the street reopened by late afternoon. today we learned the name of the skier who died in the backcountry avalanche near lake tahoe. the authorities say 29-year-old ben midge bracket was skiing out of bounds when an avalanche hit yesterday afternoon. rescuers say he was swept 300 feet downhill and suffered multiple broken bones, probably from hitting trees. the officials say he died at the hospital late last night. a sheriff's official say the
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skiers may of triggered the avalanche with the equipment they used to get to that remote area. thousands of people are expected to head to the tahoe area resort this weekend to take advantage of the new snow. they enjoy sun and snow at the ski ranch today for the most part it has been a long dry winter. one resort owner told us business is off 60% but all of that is just a memory now with four feet of new powder. >> got to be 50, 52 degrees. no wind. blue bird skies, perfect. the kind of day every skier, snowboarder looks forward to. >> reporter: those not skiing took time-out to build a snowman. a man died this afternoon after his car plunged down a steep embankment and crashed into the creek. we are live at the scene of that accident. five canyon parkway is where rescuers were hoping for a different outcome.
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>> reporter: good morning, or good afternoon. it is very dark where we are. we are going to use a flashlight. you can see this is the area where donald lawrence's car was. i spoke to the family at 4:00 and they said he died, likely of hypothermia. >> chopper 2 circled over head this morning at 11:00 when they found the 86-year-old. his wife called the authorities saying he driven to the top of their steep driveway four hours earlier to retrieve the morning newspaper and never returned. as his wife was filling out the missing person's paperwork the neighbor discovered the car and lawrence in the creek. >> the car, i saw it. i saw the door was open and the legs laying in the water and he was laying in the water, his whole body, basically. he was not responding at first. i hoped he was not dead and i
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saw him move. >> reporter: by the time he reached lawrence he was already weak. >> his eyes rolled back and i told him i will get you help quickly and i ran and got his son. >> the creek is a few yards away from the family home. the fire captain who took the photos say he lost control of the car and drove passed his home and through this gap. >> the car came through here. it did not hit this. it came through right between this tree right here. problem he a matter of inches on either side. >> reporter: this is that narrow gap you were seeing a moment ago. take a look over here. neighbors say this is part of the problem. neighbors say this is not the first time a car lost control on this road. they say that a few years back cement truck came down here and hit that large oak tree in the distance. that is the only thing that stopped that large truck. neighbors say they believe this road is simply too steep.
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we are live, ktvu channel 2 news. we are learning tonight that three suspects in a gas station robbery this week are suspected of pulling off as many as 30 other robberies. the authorities arrested anna blander, jenkinies and a juvenile on tuesday night. the three were arrested -- jenkins, and a juvenile on tuesday night. the three were arrested in conjuction with 30 robberies. san rafael police released these videos in hopes they can catch a suspect in two other recent gas station robberies in this february 14th hold up on north gate drive you can see the suspect pull his gun. the police in the other robberies say the same person struck a clerk in the head with a gun before taking off. the police are looking for a white man between 20 and 30 years old about 6 '6 with shoulder length hair. now, our continuing
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coverage of the trial of the sheriff. tonight the legal battle shaping up is focusing on one potential witness. >> i have no comment. >> christina flores, his ex- girlfriend, attend a closed court hearing today. she recently filed the police complaint saying he had a raging pit-bull aggressiveness in their relationship in 2000 skpefpb 2008. he once bruised her arm at the center of the current case is a video of his wife, lopez, with a bruise on her arms. the defense wants to keep flores off of the stand. >> that kind of evidence tends to be so powerful because it it is as look if he did it once before he is probably guilty this time. >> the hearing into the testimony continues on monday. the same day jury selection is set to begin. transportation planners reached a deal to keep a replacement job on schedule. planners say the $1 billion
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project is running a $54 million deficit after state and federal funding failed to come through. on to the tentative agreement they will contribute $34 million, the san francisco transportation authority and caltrans will each add $10 million. for the first time in 20 years marin water officials are tapping into one of their back up reservoirs, it has begun pumping water out of phoenix lake. the lake is expected to drop 10 feet over the next 2-1/2 weeks of pumping. water officials say rainfall is down 50% and they had no other choice but to pump from the back up reservoir. californians are getting a bit more for their recycled bottles and cans. this month the price for pound for aluminum cans is going up by three cents. the price for plastic is going up by seven cents. the refund for individual containers remains the same. repsyche lers sayrecycling has
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reduced landfills. so, californians are definitely recycling more. >> reporter: they say californians turned in 16 1/2 billion containers in 2010. the first gray wolf to enter california is back in oregon. they say that a gps tracking collar shows the wolf returned to oregon yesterday. rangers say the male wolf trekked more than 1,000 miles in search for a mate. northern california ranchers are concerned that gray wolves will attack their livestock but there have been no reports of any attacks along the wolf's path. a san jose high school is rallying around an american idol. [singing] >> elk grove high school held a
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pep ralliy. the 17-year-old senior and homecoming king made it into the final 13 on "american idol" today, class mates carried signs and wore t-shirts. he is set to perform again next wednesday. an ipo from bay area yelp. how the stock performed on the first day of trading and prospects for the longhaul. and empty desks and class rooms what happened at this this bay area college? we currently have clear skies across the entire bay area. coming up, the neighborhoods that will be in the low 30s first thing tomorrow morning and the warmest day of the up coming weekend o
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. training for rescues
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following a disaster took mace today. 30 marines went through drills at the facility on treasure island. they dealt with collapsed buildings where they had to pull a victim from under the rebel. this is someone san francisco firefighters are familiar with in their training to resunday to earthquakes. if you got in on the latest high-tech ipo early enough today you are entitled to a little yelp right about now [ bell ringing ] [cheers and applause] >> leaders of san francisco- based yelp were at the new york stock exchange to ring the opening bell. the shares sored. they closed out more than $9.5. that was a gain of 63%. our consumer editor tom vacar has a closer look. >> reporter: a lot of employees in this unmarked mission street high raise became million millionairs
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today because of yelp. >> it increased my business. a lot of people in this neighborhood are tech savvy and they check yelp for their restaurants, barbers, auto repair. >> i do use yelp because i think it can be a good place to go for a general consensus on a place. >> reporter: had this owner hraoeubs that but says yelp sales people were overly aggressive and questions ethical issues. >> they allow you to manipulate your reviews. if if you have a bad review you can shove teleand hide it. >> -- shovel it and hide it. >> if you pay. >> if you pay. >> reporter: they create excitement. excitement creates investors. that is something the stock market has been lacking since the recession. >> they are on a new high today. you know, facebook is the big hubbub about it and yelp going public today and it builds confidence in investors. >> reporter: the former business school dean says the
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fact that yelp has yet to make monsetrumped by other factors. >> here we have a revenue stream. an identifiable business model. what we are hopeful here if you are an investor it will be like amazon that came public when it was not making money, either. >> everyone is looking for the next car, the next computer, the next internet, the next thing that we don't have today. >> reporter: but one day does not a google make. 59 do good in the first days to struggle later on. i'm tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stocks slipped on relatively light trading. the dow finished lower, nasdaq lost 12 but finished slightly higher for the week. google's new privacy program is a problem. minnesota accept torplans to investigate their practices. he is the chairman of the senate technology and privacy
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committee. just yesterday google started to take information. the new rules will provide a taylor user experiencism. the word is out for people flying to get their paperwork in order. the two air carriers are combining reservations and frequent flyer programs tomorrow as part of the merger. united says the internet and phone systems will be off line for three to four hours starting at 1:00 a.m. central time tomorrow. airline is t-fling travelers to print copy -- telling travelers to print copies of boarding passes and allow extra time the the airport. the countdown for super tuesday has them crisscrosses the country stumping for votes. >> pleasure to be in ohio. >> rick santorum campaign inside ohio today. he took shots at romney saying the governor is a moderate and he would vote for the other g.o.p. candidates before he would vote for romney. ohio has 66 delegates at stake that is second to georgia.
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[music] romney was campaigning in washington state. he targeted president barack obama. there are 43 delegates up for grabs tomorrow in washington. a march to sacramento. the faculty members joined the ralliy this afternoon. students are -- rally this afternoon. students are calling for lower tuition and more full time fact faculty. education cuts stopped classes right in the middle of a semester. which students are effected the most? >> reporter: she says she could not believe it when she came to her computer class at san francisco city college and her teacher announced that chance was canceled a month into the semester. >> it hurt me because i want to
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get ready for a good job and the job mark set bad. >> reporter: that computer khratsdz is one of 70 classes they discontinued. usually they make the cuts before a semester not during. >> a cut of this size in the middle of a semester is unheard of. >> reporter: they only recently learned that the state was cutting budget on top of one earlier this school year which was on top of previous cuts. >> our resources are going down at the same time the communities need us more than ever. >> reporter: be sides computer classes the biggest was toenglish is a second language courses like this one. >> i go to school every day so my english is be better. it is hard to find a job here. so it is a with big problem. >> reporter: the cancellation also means a loss of jobs and income for dozens of part time teachers. >> one person i worked with for
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27 years. a part time teacher. >> reporter: all of this is forcing them to compete for classes that are more and more scarce. >> they cancel more and more classes. so, definitely we are upset here. >> reporter: many say they are going to sacramento on monday as part of a statewide grass- roots effort to draw attention to this problem. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. major league baseball expanded the format add two more teams to the mix. it means each league will have an additional wild-card team. two more will face one another in a 1-game play off. the commissioner says tell make winning a division more important about. this is the first change to the system since 1995. well, the popular bakery is taking access to a new level. coming up, the first of its kind atm that satisfies the latest of late night munchies.
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they say carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is to blame. it could threaten the survival of many sperb species. now, upper 60s and lower 70s out there. under mostly sunny skies. i know we can all use the rainfall. we picked up some rain showers in the past few days. things warming up as we head into your weekend. right now on the maps, i can show you this on live storm tracker 2. the rain showers, the state is dry. the rain showers heading way up to the north towards the pacific northwest. they will real estate main up there for your bay area weekend. forecast headlines for tonight. mostly clear skies, patchy fog, though, could be forming in the inland valleys, first thing tomorrow morning and the weekend temperatures are back up into the 60s and the 70s. the extended sun/clouds mix readings will cool off next
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week. to get an idea of the temperature change for tomorrow, compare them to the numbers we had today. mainly in the middle to upper 60s. look at santa rosa tomorrow afternoon. lower 70s in san jose around 72. that is after a pretty chilly start first thing tomorrow morning. coolest locations will be in the middle 30s in napa. we have painted in a little bit of patchy fog for the north bay valleys. but,mentee of sunshine as the fog clears up rapidly by midmorning. high pressure. the storm track is heading up to the north. really no rain clouds showing up in our five-day forecast. this weekend, mostly sunny skies, warming will continue. in fact, sunday, it will be the warmest day of the up coming weekend and a little bit of a breeze in the hills, strongest first thing tomorrow morning and there is the temperature range in general. middle 60s to 70s. lake tahoe, beautiful as well. they picked up snowfall in the past few days, lots of sunshine, weekend temperatures on track to reach the low to
7:26 pm
middle 50s. here is the bay area forecast. you can see the brighter colors waking up with the warmer temperatures, the 60s, the yellow in the 70s, you can see the numbers for santa rose a73, oakland, around 70. san jose, lower 70s, morgan hills, 74. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. weekend in view and the weekend coming up a little cooler into next week. a few extra clouds by tuesday. >> mark, thank you. a beverly hills bakery is going to launch a 24-hour atm for cupcakes. a pink atm will dispense cups at $4. it can hold several hundred treats but it will not be refilled if it runs out overnight. they expect to bring the cupcake atm to stores in new york and washington, d.c. in the future. >> thank you for watching. we will see you next time the news breaks, i'm gasia mikaelian. tonight, a bay area mcdonald's
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that the neighbors call a public nuisance. it has received 300 calls for the police in two months. we are here for you at but tmz is up next here on tv36 '
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